Here are six creative ideas for young people with just over a million capital.

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Starting a business can be a daunting task: it can seem daunting. Finding business ideas is not easy. It may not match the situation or the desired capital.

Don’t worry if you get confused. Check out the next 15 creative ideas for young people with a capital of 1 million. Even if you currently work full-time in the office, you can still live with minimal creative business ideas. Want to know other good ways of doing business? please visit the business for beginners website.

Buying and selling second-hand goods

Are there any old ones that are not in use? Or is it a clothes or school or college book you’ve never read? Items are the time to use these items.

To start a creative business for these young people, you can spend less than $ 1 million on IDR smartphones, monthly internet access, and shipping.

Choose items that are comfortable to use and that you will not use otherwise. Take a good picture of your product with your mobile phone.

Product release service

This is the next creative business idea for young people. The drip shipping business is definitely a safe business. To run this business, you need to spend a small amount of money, and in some cases a penny.

The core capital of this business is the ability to sell goods. However, this type of business should not be underestimated.

To be a good drop shipper, you need to understand the characteristics of the products you sell. և Choose a reliable supplier carefully. By mastering these skills, you can continuously improve your reputation as a drop shipper.

Sell breakfast at home

Of course, from school children to colleagues, we need something called breakfast. However, many did not have time to serve food.

You can take this opportunity to start your business with a variety of breakfast menus such as porridge, Nashiuduk and Longton Sayul. All that’s left is to put a table and food in the garden.

Assuming your kitchen utensils are finished with just the right materials, it can cost up to Rs 1 million to start this business.

Be sure to consider the most affordable yet high quality raw materials to maintain efficient use of your funds.

Interested in pursuing this creative business idea for young people?

Incoming service

If you have a laptop and broadband at home, you can take advantage of these features by opening an input service. It is guaranteed that your service will be needed by many students around you, especially if you live in a college or school environment.

Capital can be less than 1 million IDR, especially for those who already have enough laptops or notebooks to start this business.

If you don’t have both, you can find out the price of a second laptop or a cheap laptop with less than 1 million IDR. Buy one and start your own business.

Printing service

In addition to printing services, printing services are also in high demand for many groups, school children, students and office workers.

If you already have enough printing equipment, you can start this business by adding about 150,000 ink funds to IDR 500,000.

If you don’t have enough printers yet, you can check the price range of printers from IDR400,000 to IDR600,000. As your business grows, you can continue to improve the quality of your paper, inks and printing equipment to the best of your ability.

Individual article creation service

I like to write, but don’t have time to actively post on your blog? You can turn your writing skills into a freelance writer or a freelance writer.

Blog Posts և The free writing business is a promising opportunity as more and more businesses are run using websites.

If you already have enough tools և internet to start this business, you rarely need to use a penny.

However, you need writing skills to understand the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The income you bring is also very promising. According to, if you want to create an online article for each word about Rp. The price can be set to 330.