How should a person behave, react and behave when his spiritual leader is insulted?

How should we behave when our spiritual leader is ridiculed, mocked and insulted?
Part of the uniqueness and beauty of Jesus Christ appears, if his disciples respond with grace, when he curses.
Followers of the other leader oppose mocking their central character with anger and violence.
When the Son of God became man, he voluntarily submitted to horrible human behavior.
If Christ were not dishonored, there would be no salvation. Part of his saving work was his humiliation and death on the cross.
The book of Psalms foretold the mockery of the Savior.
Isaiah knows that people will despise and reject him.
The men stripped him and put on Education Info. They wrapped the wreath, pushed it painfully over his head and spat on it.
His response was patience and endurance. This is the work for which Jesus came.
Like a sheep to be slaughtered, and like a sheep before its mower goes out, it did
Don’t open his mouth.
During his life, Jesus was considered illegal, blasphemous, drunk, and devilish. You will be able to find all this with the support of the Old and New Testaments.
He promised his disciples a similar procedure, and the Gospel of John explains it in great detail, and in chapters 15 and 16, among the last words of Jesus, there are things that the disciples will personally experience soon after his resurrection from the dead and in a short time. The days of the start of the church and the birth of Pentecost Peter and John were soon imprisoned in the Jerusalem prison as a result of the recovery of a man who had been limping for forty years.
Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and speak all kinds of evil because of me.
Christ has been caricatured and simulated to this day, especially in the media. Those who portray the Son of God in these ways and with sarcastic words do not really know the harm they are doing to themselves.
How do his students react? Yes, we can feel injustice and anger, but we are united with Christ, embracing and sharing his sufferings, rejoicing in adversity, just as we are called to love our enemies.
Faith without an offensive Savior will find it difficult to accept and endure insults.